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NHS Professionals: if you require the services of Yeovil Freewheelers call 01935 475122 (YDH Reception) who will contact the duty rider.


Yeovil Freewheelers EVS provides an out-of-hours unique free courier service between different hospitals and patients in their homes, across the whole South Somerset and North Dorset area.
It was founded in 1978 by Mr Cecil Turner, we are the oldest operational blood bike group in the country and are a registered charity. We currently operate a fleet of three motorcycles to carry urgently needed medical items such as blood, biological samples, medical notes, x-rays and medicines. This service is provided completely free of charge to the NHS and all members of Yeovil Freewheelers are unpaid volunteers.

We save Yeovil Hospital (where our bike fleet is located) a minimum of £70,000 - £75,000 per year. This figure is based upon the cost of using local couriers and taxis to provide a similar service. This figure would be even higher if the hospital were to run their own service with NHS personnel and vehicles.
All of our riders have passed the Institute of Advanced Motorcycle Test they are also trained in emergency response riding and are re-checked every twelve months by qualified instructors to ensure the highest standards of riding are maintained. As well as riders we are supported by non riding volunteers in administration, financial and events co-ordination.

As it costs a minimum of £35,000 a year to maintain our service to the NHS we could not continue without the generous support from public and business alike. If you would like to fund raise, donate or sponsor us then please use our contact page.  

                              Job Counter                                         2016

May so far     16
Last Month    40

Year Total      252

                                                  Yeovil Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service - Serving The Community Since 1978 - Registered Charity Number 299434
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